BUGA 2023 - Ingenieur- und Technikforums of the VDE/VDI

Saturday the 30th of June, we were invited at the BUGA 2023 in Mannheim. As part of the Ingenieur- und Technikforums of the VDE/VDI, we introduced our start-up FreeDeWaTER. Therefore, we provided an insight into the research and development area of seawater desalination at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. We discussed the worldwide water shortage problem and possibilities of it's overcoming by using freeze desalination to produce potable water, for example.

Food.Focus.Future Fair in Kirrweiler

Besides the BUGA in Mannheim we are at the food.netz in Kirrweiler in Rheinland-Pflaz. Meet us there and see the possibilities of generating potable water.

National Garden Show in Mannheim - BUGA 2023

Problem water scarcity worldwide. How can we take action against it? We show one possibility on the BUGA at our booth 10 in the U-Halle.

Today we are at the largest fair of the University of Mannheim: the Q-Summit. Organized by students it aims at entrepreneurs from around the world. All are invited to share their ideas and to show their inventions. We will be there and show our technology and are happy to get in contact with interested people.
Come along and visit us on Friday the 14th from 10 am to 12 pm at the booth of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences - Mars.



Today is World Water Day. Since the first World Water Day in 1993 this day helps to remember that not every country worldwide has the same access to clean water as we do here in Germany. In many parts of the world, people must walk many kilometers to get some water, sometimes even then not in the best quality, and these springs are nowadays threatened to disappear. Therefore, this year it is all about “accelerating change” and we want to be part of this and take responsibility to ensure a better future with a secured water supply. We from FreeDeWaTER are thus engaging in water desalination with our new and highly innovative technology using freeze desalination to convert seawater or otherwise polluted water into clean drinking water, and this is powered self-sufficiently by renewable energies. Water is a human right and with our plants, freshwater provision is realizable for everyone everywhere.

Join our adventure! For more information, follow us on LinkedIn, www.freedewater.com, or visit us on the Food.Focus.Future Fair 2023 on the 26th of April in Hammermühle in Kirrweiler.