Fresh water provision for everyone everywhere

The Consequences

People struggle with increasing water shortages on islands and in remote areas.

Direct or indirect persons affected by disasters suffer from lack of clean water and simultaneously short response time.

Insufficient water supply on boats and other self-sufficient units to fulfill requirements and needs.

The Problem

'Water is the most important resource for humans'

The effects of climate change are becoming more and more visible; sea levels are rising, dry periods are becoming longer, and groundwater levels are falling.

More than 5 billion people have no access to hygienically pure water. Furthermore, remote areas have barely to no access to a fresh water resource.

Furthermore, remote areas have barely to no access to water as a resource.

Our Solution

Novel water treatment plant unsing freeze desalination of sea and wastewater to generate potable water.

The technology allows to built the plant rather small and transportable and is therefore easy-to-use and fast to start-up.

Using renewable energies as electric power source enables one to use the plant self-sufficiently and demand-oriented, for example a 24/7 or on/off operating mode.

The focus of the plant design is kept on the stability and high quality thus ensuring low-maintenance time and costs and a possibillity for self repair, if necessary.

During operation no chemicals or other additional installations needed avoiding any waste, besides the brine, and consumption material that is hard to obtain.

The Technology

The First Plant